La Rulles Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux 7.3%

Score: B

This is less “craft” and more upscale than the normal La Rulles. It has less chunks of raisins. It’s more filtered. The aroma is less strong. The flavor is less strong. The raisin aroma is diminished. It has a floral aroma. More alcohol. A big head becomes a thinner but not flat. Medium to high carbonation. Bitter. I prefer the normal La Rulles.

Pannepot by De Struise Brouwers 10

Review No2

Score: C

I previously reviewed this as an A. My taste might be changing. From the same that makes Tsjeeses. It pours into a nice head and an almost black body. Smells like chocolate and burnt caramel. Very heavy body and very very sweet. I got the feeling that this didn’t ferment enough. I couldn’t finish more than half a glass.